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Efficient pain management

Do you need help to manage symptoms of chronic pain or want to recover from an accident or injury? Therapeutic Arts offers medical massage therapy that is highly effective to treat your injuries and illnesses.


Our massage targets not just the muscles, but also the tendons, ligaments, and joints. Your overall health benefits will be beyond that of a traditional massage. Speak to our staff today.

Benefits of therapeutic massage

  • Alleviation of pain, increase in range of motion, return to normal activities, and pain management

  • Muscle and soft tissue relaxation, strengthening, and toning

  • Relief of muscle spasms, trigger point sensitivity, and possible aid in tendonitis repair

  • Promotion of white blood cell production that enhances the immune system

  • Toxic elimination, oxygenation of tissues and organs, increase in blood circulation, and blood pressure reduction

  • Decrease in stiffness and swelling in painful joints

  • Decrease in healing and recovery time and help you have get more restful.

All our massage therapists are licensed under the State Board of Nursing and insured.

Senior citizens who are 65 years or older can claim 10% off any 60 or 90 minute session.

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Serving Virginia for 27 years

Place your trust in the most established massage therapy clinic in Henrico/Richmond and Midlothian. For 27 years, we have been dedicatedly improving people's health conditions so that they can lead a healthy life.


Our staff of certified and licensed therapists can help you get relief from the pain-related conditions. You can also ask for in-home massage, office chair massage, and aromatherapy.

We can help you enjoy a more pain free life